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Radio Fair America (RFA) is a non-profit, nonpartisan organization that monitors talk radio. RFA is dedicated to providing objective analysis of the content of political talk radio. We monitor, analyze and provide update on the top nationally syndicated talk radio hosts including Rush Limbaugh, G. Gordon Liddy, Oliver North and Michael Reagan.

We will soon monitor radio programs in local markets in states across the country with an eye toward the battle for the control of both the House and Senate in November, possibly including Pennsylvania, Minnesota, Washington State, Virginia, Florida and Ohio. Hosts will be selected based on audience size and influence regardless of political affiliation.

RFA tracks specific issues discussed on these programs ranging from education, gun control, Social Security and tax policy to the environment, gays in the military, abortion, and 2000 presidential selection process.

RFA also provides analysis and updates to interest groups, political consultants, campaigns and individuals located across the political spectrum.

While many discount political talk radio as fringe and insignificant in the larger picture of American politics, the major radio talk show hosts reach millions of listeners each week. And, local talk radio programs have been cited as some of the most effective methods to mobilize people on issues and views. Talk radio is an important place where today's political dialogue takes place.

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